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I am 29 years old, French currently living in Switzerland for 3 years. I am still struggling to learn German, it's a challenge everyday to live in a country with only a basic level of the spoken language. But for the moment I wouldn’t change anything, I really love this country.

I decided to start this website to share my ideas and creations with other people. I am myself often searching for ideas on internet and am always happy to find new things to craft.

I will share here and on Instagram what I do under different way, it could be diy tutorials with a lot of explanations or just a couple of pictures for inspiration.

I have always love doing things with my hands, even tough I have not always admitted that to myself. As a kid I was helping my father to repair things in the house, paint etc. I learned from him quickly how to fix my bike that I was often breaking. I picked back up the love for crafting things later, to do a gift for a friend. I also like to draw but I have no self-confidence, so I don’t really show anything. What I like the most is to mix the crafting part with some painting or drawing. To plan each step of the crafting then realise it.

My brain is always full of ideas of new things to do, but there is never enough time to do everything. When I am out of idea Ekaterina is always here to help. She also has a lot of ideas.

Last year I helped Ekaterina to organise her son’s birthday and I loved it. It’s so nice to do things for kids, they are always amazed about the result. You will find here the result of this. I also baked and decorated the cakes myself.

I don’t have any fancy tools, most of what I do can be done by anyone with just what you have at home. I like to re-use things I find at work like carton or paper. It’s always a nice way for me to get materials.

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