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Christmas ornament

This year I started to make Christmas decorations early (beginning of November) because I didn't want to be stressed like usual, finish everything in the rush, and I wanted to post the article at least 2 weeks before Christmas. But it didn't work, it took me much longer than I expected to do everything, I encountered exhaustion, a new job, loss of motivation along the way.

So here I am, in March, posting a tutorial on Christmas ornaments. But better than never, and it can always inspire you next year.

Wodden christmas ornament. DIY christmas ball.

This year I wanted to make some wooden ornaments. I bought couple of years ago some wooden ornaments to paint myself (a reindeer, some small Christmas tree, a merry Christmas sign) I still have them, and I love them. Somehow it came to me the idea to make them myself with my own design. I had many ideas of what to do, I also wanted to offer some to friends. Unfortunately, I didn't do everything I wanted by lack of time.

I had seen on internet you could do it with a cricut machine. I own one since end of last year, so I wanted to try. I have only a cricut explore 3. It is not recommended by cricut to use this one with wood, but some people on internet said it's still possible to do so I wanted to try it out.

I got some basewood from cricut and tried to cut some circles with the deep blade. I didn't manage to set it up that it cuts all the way through. So I use the cricut to pre-cut and give me guidelines, and I finished cutting and polishing by hand with a Dremel. Probably if you have a cricut maker or another cutting machine that works with wood you won’t need to finish by hand.

The ornaments are made of different layers (2-4) glued together.

I made one with a football player for Adrian who is a fan of football, one for a friend with a ballerina and one with an angel. I choose to leave them natural and not paint them, they are pretty like this.

I hope to do more soon, I still have plenty of ideas.

You can find the different layers as pictures and a link to the cricut design project below if you want to reproduce it.


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