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Halloween Pumpkin

I wanted to make some decoration for halloween, I searched a bit online to find some inspiration.

I came across Jennifer maker website with 3d paper pumpkins tutorial. There is svg files if you have a cutting machine (like a cricut) or there a pdf to make it by hand ( you can also just open the svg with edge and print). You just need to subscribe to the newsletter to get access to the library.

There are very cool, there is different style of mouth and eyes. You can choose your favorite.

I made two for a friend and two for me, with different sizes. It was very fun to do !

I suggest to take paper that is not too thick or it will be harder to make. I have some 60 lb paper pack with different colors and i just pick the one i need when i craft.

3D pumpkin. Halloween decoration. DIY pumpkin paper.

3D pumpkin. Halloween decoration. DIY pumpkin paper.


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