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Ninjago birthday banner

After creating the decorations on the Zelda Breath of the wild theme it gave me the idea to create a full package of decorations, activities on another theme. I thought to do it on Ninjago as it is something Adrian is quite fond of, and it might be useful for his birthday (turns out that so far, he never asked for a Ninjago birthday, so this one will be an exclusivity for the website).


I started to create some coloring page of Ninjago that you can find here Coloring pages | Let’s craft all together. I wanted to use them as base for the rest of the decoration.


The first decoration I wanted to create was a banner, the one I created on the Zelda theme made a nice wow effect. That made me want to make another one.

I had the idea to use the blank coloring pages to make the banner. I thought it would be cool if kids can help create the decoration for their birthday. Like this they can color it and you can have an even more home-made banner, fully personalized.


For the letters I created them with PowerPoint. I choose to make them goldish with a gradient of color (see picture below).

Then I made some small rounds at the top of the letter to pass a string.

I have also created one with bigger rounds, to make bigger holes if you want to use some ribbon. You can find these two files as PDF at the bottom of the page.


To cut the letters I have used my cricut and did a print and cut. But you can also just print the pdf down below, cut out the letters with scissors and make holes with a hole punch or a small needle.


Then just organize the letters and the drawings how you want then pass the string in the holes.

To block the letters and pictures from sliding on the string I made a loop with the string around the hole.


There you go, a nice, diy and personalized Ninjago banner.

ninjago banner Diy ninjago birthday banner

letters happy birthday for string
Download PDF • 69KB

letters happy birthday for ribbon
Download PDF • 69KB


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