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3D football birthday party invitation

For this year birthday the theme is football. Adrian is a big fan of the BSC young boys, the football club of Bern.

We made two games and a nice birthday invitation. You can find the two games here: pin the football ball game and football bingo.

For the invitations Ekaterina had the idea to do something 3D. After searching a bit online for ideas, we came up with the idea to do a ball in front of the goals.

I created a background with a football goal on the top half of the page, and the information for the birthday. I choose the colors black and yellow because it's the colors of the football club of bern.

At 9 cm and 11 cm from the side I made marks to make a forward flap. The top of the flap is at 5.5 cm from the middle of the paper high. The bottom of the flap is at 1.5 cm from the middle of the paper high.

You can cut with a cutter knife from the top to the bottom of the flap.

Then since your flap will be 1.5 cm in front of your page you need to make a mark at 1.5 cm of the top of the flap (see picture). Just mark the crease with a bone folder if you have one, i just use the back of a cutter knife it works super fine.

You can now push out the flap. And you should have something that looks like the picture below.

3D card. Pop up card. Football invitation card.

Then I printed a 9cm high ball. You need to make the ball not too big that it doesn't poke out the card when it is folded. Then glue the ball on the flap.

3D card. Pop up card. Football invitation card.

I choose some nice pictures of the bern football club for the cover and the back of the card.

You can adapt this technic with all themes you want, you can even do several flaps to put different objects in different level. Have fun !


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