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Football bingo

For Adrian 8th birthday the theme is football. He is a big fan of the BSC young boys, the football club of Bern.

You can find the 3D invitations we made on this page.

For the entertainment we made a bingo/ a loto and a pin the football ball game.

I created Bingo grid with logos of famous European club.

football bingo. Football loto

We put the cards of all the logos that you can find on the grids in a box face down. Kids were picking one after the other a card and showing to everyone. They were also having fun to guess which club this logo was from.

I made stickers in football ball shape to glue on the grid once the logo of the club got picked.

You can find the PDF bellow with the 9 grids. All are different so there are no chance two kids get a bingo.

On the first page you have the cards to cut out and place in a box or a bag to pick from. I wrote all the clubs names if you want to make them guess. And from page 2-10 of the PDF, you can find the grids.

On the second PDF you have the balls to use as coins. You can print either on normal paper or on sticker.

Have fun !

Bingo cards
Download PDF • 1.02MB

Bingo coins
Download PDF • 60KB


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