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Schultüte or school cone

In Switzerland for the start of the school year there is a tradition of offering to the kid a “schultüte” or “school cone”. These are cardboard cone that you can buy or make yourself and fill with sweets, stationery, and toys.

As Adrian started the new school year middle of August, I obviously had to make one.

I already made one for him the year before, a bit in a rush since I was not aware of this tradition and neither Ekaterina. I just used some paper I had at home from Christmas glued on it some football ball and filled it. Adrian was very happy with it. It’s very funny because I did it without any measure, I just took a pen and a rope to make a circle and the cone I made is huge. You can see on the picture it’s large than Adrian’s head 😂.

Football school cone. Personnalised schultüte

The schultüte you find in shops are usually longer but less wide.

For this year I tried to improve and took some measures.

To make a schultüte you need:

- 70cm*70cm paper minimum thick enough to be sturdy. I bought some 70cmx100cm paper 220g/m2 in yellow. Like this one. I wanted the schultüte theme to be the Bern football club and their colours are yellow and black.

- Some ribbon

- A pencil

- A small rope

- Glue or double side tape

- Scissors

- Decorations like any of these example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, or hand make like I did

- Sweets, stationery, toys to fill the cone


1- Draw an arc of 70° and 70cm of radius using your pencil and your rope as a compass

Make a mark at 60°.

2- Cut your arc until the 70° mark. Roll several times the paper to give it the shape of a cone. Be careful to the tip it’s fragile.

3- Apply glue or tape in the space between the 60° mark and the 70° mark.

4- Decorate your cone with your decorations. For this year I printed some logo of the Bern football club and letters to write YB forever which is the slogan of the club.

5- Glue the tissue paper on the inside on the cone all around. I usually glue around 2 cm high of tissue paper.

6- Fill the cone.

7- Make a nice bow with the ribbon around the tissue paper.

BSC young boys schultüte. Personnalised school cone.

Now it's your turn to create the prettiest schultüte, let your inspiration flow and have fun !


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