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Super Mario Birthday party - Introduction

Adrian’s 6th birthday. It’s the first birthday I helped to decorate. This birthday brings back great memories for me. I think that’s where I realized I am capable of crafting and baking nice things, and I want to do more of that.

It's also the first theme cake I made. I was so nervous to fail the cake that I made a test version the week before. It was a lot of work to do two cakes in two weeks, I would never do it again.

But enough with the talking, let’s start with what we did!

The birthday theme was Super Mario. A theme I love and know well as I have played many of the games over the years. For the decorations we found plates, glasses, napkins, balloons, table cloth, a banner that we bought. The crafting part was only for the games.

We organised a memory game, a can knockdown game, some coloring pages, and a maze. We organized different stations with games, and kids were going two by two to each station. You can check the explanations to make the games in Part 1.

We made a mario birthday cake, you can find the description in Part 2.

We bought some present bags for each guest that we filed with mario socks, pencil, haribo, a figurine lego Mario.


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