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Super Mario Birthday party - Part 1

In this part I will describe how we made the games. For the cake description go to Part 2.

The memory game

I used some free printable memory game I found online. For the back with the question mark I took it here.

And the front.

I didn’t use the front of the one I found on “keeping it real” because I wanted more super mario bros theme than mario kart.

You can just print and cut out each card.

I wanted the memory game to be on something sturdy, that Adrian could keep it and re-use it after the birthday. You could print on some cardboard paper. I chose to use some 2mm chipboard (80pt, 70 would also work) that I recycled from work, you can also get it online or in an art shop.

I cut it at the proper size then glued on it the paper cards I had previously cut.

And you have a nice memory game!

The can knockdown game

I used a template for cubes that I found here. I printed them on carboard paper to make it a bit sturdy. I cut them and built them. We then made a pyramid out of it and kids had to knock them down.

Super mario knockdown game. Super mario decoration, box ,cube.


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