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Zelda Breath of The Wild Birthday party - Introduction

This year was Adrian 7th birthday. As usual we asked him what theme he wanted for the party. We were expecting Harry Potter because he was quite fond of it at the time…. but no, his answer was Zelda Breath of the Wild. Not just any Zelda. Zelda Breath of the Wild. It was important for him to be about Breath of the Wild. He started recently to play it and some kids around too. It was the trendy thing in the neighbourhood at the time.

The theme was decided. Now we had to start thinking about what we could do. We looked on internet to see if there was some plates, glasses, and decorations we could get…but nothing. This year even more than last year we would have to do everything ourselves. We brainstormed about what we could do, knowing that we would celebrate the birthday at the park. Everything would have to be transported there, ideally not too heavy, and not too big.

For the decorations we settled on a banner, and some stickers for the glasses.

Invitations will also be done in the Zelda theme with a nice envelope.

The games will revolve around a mystery word to complete.

And the cake, after consultation with the birthday boy, will be a sanctuary! We had showed him pictures of sanctuary, guardians or offered to do anything else he would like. He opted for the sanctuary. Initially that seemed like a good idea, not too hard to do. While preparing for it and making it I had some periods of doubts. I was not sure anymore I would succeed. Maybe we had aim too high. I will show you the result later and let you judge ;).

You can find on the first article how to do the Zelda Banner, the invitations and the envelopes.

The second article explains how i did the different stickers, and the present bags.

The last article will be about the cake and games.


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