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Zelda Breath of the Wild birthday party - Part 1

In this part I will describe how we made the invitations, the enveloppes for the invitations and the Zelda banner. For the cakes, games and stickers description go to Part 2 or Part 3.


First, we started to make the invitations. To make sure all his friends would book the day!

First and last page:

I took two pictures I liked, adjusted them to the right size. I re-sized the two pictures to 14.85cm length (half of a A4 page in landscape). And kept the original ratio of length*width to not deform the picture.

On the first page I just typed a title, like “invitation to my birthday”.

Be careful, the last page needs to be on the left and the first on the right. Like on the picture. Indeed, like this the invitation is going to open like a book.

Zelda invitation card. Zelda birthday

Second page:

For the second page I just put a photo of Zelda that I liked. And adjusted it to the size I wanted. Again 14.85cm length and keep the ratio length x width.

I took it from here.

Third page:

For the actual text part of the invitation, I wanted a parchment to look like an old treasure map.

I downloaded a parchment background for Procreate. I found it here.

I then inserted a text box and typed the invitation text that we had prepared. Adrian chose the colour blue for the text. He would then write himself by hand on each invitation the name of his friend and location of the party on the printed version.

I assembled the 4 pages on a PowerPoint file, printed it recto verso on a cardboard paper. You can see the result of the card on the pictures below.

Zelda invitation card. Zelda breath of the wild birthday

Zelda Breath of the wild birthday invitation

Envelopes for invitations

For the invitations we wanted to make a nice envelope, with a drawing that kids could colour if they wanted.

I took a picture found on internet, pasted it in a word file.

Zelda breath of the wild enveloppe

In the settings of your printer, you must change the paper size. I used C5 envelope. Then print it.

For the Zelda Banner


- A4 Blue Papier

- A4 White paper

- Triforce font can be downloaded here:

- Paper glue

- Scissors

- Some strings

For the banner I wanted to write “Alles Gute zum Geburstag Adrian”. I wanted each letter to be on a separate piece of paper that has the shape of a shield/blazon.

I needed the letters A/B/D/E/G/I/L/M/N/R/S/T/U/Z to write my message.

My idea was to do white letters on blue paper to fit with the colour of the Zelda theme. I downloaded the Triforce font and added it to procreate.

Then on a A4 canvas I inserted my first letter “A”. I changed the font to Triforce and the size to 450.

Of course, I cannot print white, so I decided to print white letters and glue them to blue paper that I had. To be able to see the letters once printed I needed to have a border around the letters. I didn’t find a way to just format the text to have the outline of the letters. So, I made the border myself. I created on a second layer (see picture) a blue rectangle the size of the letter.

Then I erased with the rubber most of the colour to only leave a small border (see picture). I made it thin to avoid using too much ink during printing as I was anyway going to cut out all the blue. I chose blue as background colour because these letters will be glued to blue paper. So if I would leave any of the blue colour while cutting the letters, it would not show too much.

I repeated this with all my letters on separate canvas.

And printed all my letters. I cut all the paper around the letters and in the geometric holes of the letters (see picture).

The second part is to prepare the shield shaped background.

For this I took a A4 blue paper. I used printing paper, but you can also use some cardboard paper. I traced a line from 12,5cm of the bottom to the middle of the page (see picture).

I cut the corners.

And there you are. A blazon shaped background (see picture). Repeat as many times as the number of letters you have.

Next step is simply to glue the letters to the background (see picture).

Now you need to attach the blazon to the string. You can either roll the top of the paper and glue it or use staples.

To separate each word, I printed pictures of the four guardians and Zelda on white paper. And I cut it in shield shape.

Now you only must find the best place to display it!

Zelda breath of the wild birthday banner

Zelda breath of the wild birthday banner

I had also made some letters for his name. I choose to do it the opposite colour as the banner to create some contrast. For these the process was easier.

In procreate I inserted a text box and typed my first letter A. As before size 450 and font Triforce. I changed the colour of the text to a light blue. I centred the text box on the page where I wanted it then just printed. All there is left to do is cut the corners of the page.

To make your own banner you can follow my tutorial or download the PDF down bellow with all the letters in blue and white that I prepared for you.

Blue letters on white background
Download PDF • 4.61MB

Letters White For Coloured Background
Download PDF • 5.10MB


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