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Zelda Breath of the Wild birthday party - Part 2

In this part I will describe how we made the stickers for bottles, glasses, for the rewards and the present bags. For the invitations, Zelda banner description, cake and games go to Part 1 or Part 3.

Zelda birthday decorations. Glass and bottle stickers

Stickers for bottles

We wanted the kids to each have their own “Zelda potion”. We printed some labels on stickers paper with a Zelda photo.

We choose this photo, inserted it in a powerpoint slide and printed it on label paper.

And sticked it to the the soda bottles to replace the soda labels.

Stickers for glasses

For the glasses we bought some basic cream coloured disposable glass. And put a sticker on it.

We choose this picture.

Stickers for quest reward

For the games we wanted to make a quest. We wanted to use the korok. They are creatures that are hidden everywhere in the game. So, it was appropriate for a small quest where kids would have to find something hidden.

First, I search for some pictures on internet. I selected the one below because I liked them, and they seemed to be good quality. I removed the background with procreate where necessary.

I inserted all of them in a powerpoint slide and printed them on label paper.

I cut them to separate them. I bought some plastic balls for Christmas decorations and put the stickers inside.

Present bags

In Switzerland it’s a tradition that each kid leaves the birthday with a present bag.

For the bag itself we bought some coloured bags (I always have some of these home, they are handy) and decorated them with a sticker. We used the same than for the glasses as we had left over.

Present bag for Zelda Birthday

We filled it with different items that kids are into, or that are related to Zelda:

- Some marbles

- Zelda stickers bought here

- Gold and silver pens bought here

- Some balloons like these (kids just used them as swords)

- Some haribo


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